Arise! It’s Monday!

It’s a new day! Hello to all of my friends this Post Easter Monday! I am hoping that you had a nice Holiday. I was blessed with a great day yesterday. Of course, Easter is always fun when you have little ones waddling about! Our little guys are just under 2 years old this year. So, we did a small basket and egg hunt. It was adorable! They’re a little young to grasp the meaning of Easter, so, just fun stuff for them this year. Next year they will probably understand what all is happening much better. But for now, some gratuitous cutie pie pictures:

boys easter hunt

That’s our older son, Dalton, standing back there in his Cookie Monster PJs!


Well, I was able to make some decisions over the weekend with my husband. We have decided that we are going to return to school! We had set our goals aside when Jesse and Connor came to live with us. But, we have a pretty good routine down now and I think we can manage it. It will be a little hard. But, hey, good things aren’t necessarily easy things.


What have you been doing lately? I don’t have too many hobbies. My favorite hobby, by far, is reading. I like to read all kinds of things from paranormal romance to psychological thrillers. Actually, I just finished a great little psych/ suspense novella by my friend and fellow writer, Christa Wojciechowski if you are into psychological thrillers, this is a great quickie if you need a hit of, “Holy Sh17!”


Christa is pretty danged creative. She takes her cues from real life and adds a delectable twist that is sure to make you keep turning those pages!

Besides being a reader and writer, I am also the heiress to a 26 acre scrap yard in Floral City, Florida. A weird thing to brag about, I know. But, in the vein of sharing my past times with you all…I have been gathering interesting looking items from the Yard (as we call it) for quite some time. I am totally into the reuse/recycle/upcycle thing. Anyway, I have been giving various items new life. Bwah! Ha! Ha! I feel like Frankenstein sometimes!

Yes! I will, one day, inherit a missile! Any ideas on up-cycling this baby? Comment below and I’ll see you guys in a day or so~


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