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I have been quite busy of late. But, I hadn’t realized that my last post was in June! What have you been up to since then? We had a very busy summer with the family. The adoption of our little guys finally came through. So, we are now, legally, the proud parents of two year old twins!


From right to left: Me, Judge Neil with Jesse on his lap holding the gavel, my Husband, Troy holding Connor and my Mom aka “MawMaw”. As you can see this was an incredibly happy day for us. All the stress of the past two years just seemed to fly away with the bang of the Judge’s gavel. So, we spent the summer making memories with the little guys.

I have been having a lot of flare ups these past months which has resulted in a lot of time being bed bound. And so it goes with Chronic illnesses. Unfortunately this also results in feelings of depression and a serious lack of motivation. Spending so much time in bed, I have watched a lot of shows and movies between Netflix and Amazon. I have fallen in love with True Blood, Grimm, The Walking Dead, Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story…are you seeing a pattern emerge? I am a fan of supernatural entertainment. I also love me some psychological thrillers and just things that get your mind going. I love The Black List, Bones, House… Speaking of Psychological Thrillers, have you read my Friend, Christa Wojciechowski’s book, “Sick”? She actually has a few out now. But, if your looking for something to blow your mind, start with this one. #amwriting #freebooks #freekindle #horror #suspense #shortreads

I enjoy reading very much and covet time alone to sneak into a quiet corner and tuck into a good book, when I am not suffering from a debilitating migraine, of course.

Anyway, one of the twins woke up at midnight tonight/ this morning and I was not able to get back into a good sleep. So, I spent some time in prayer, listened to some relaxing music, took a good, hot bath and still, sleep would not come. So, here I am, after months of absence and it feels good to be writing again. What do you do when you aren’t sleeping well?

Oops, my Husband just caught me! He wants to know what in the heck I am doing at this hour. Ha! Ha! He should be used to this by now. We’ve been together long enough. Well, that is a false statement. I don’t know if forever would be long enough with this man. Troy is the absolute best! We’ve had our ups and downs, as has any couple who have managed to stay together in this wild world. But, we have made it well past those early struggles. I have to tell you, it was all worth it in the end. The struggle, the pain, the heartaches…I wouldn’t change a thing.


Well, it’s 0600 now and it looks like he’s up for the day. So, I’m going to take this rare opportunity to spend time with him before the twins wake up! Thanks for sticking around all these months. I promise that you’ll hear from me again soon~


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