Daily Living with Chronic Illness

As some of you are aware, I have a host of chronic, but, mostly invisible illnesses. Living day to day with this and being consistent in interacting with the world at large is often quite difficult. This is why I have a hard time posting on a consistent basis. I don’t care to share very often about it because there are so many people with serious issues that are so much worse. And I don’t care to appear as a whiner or attention seeking.

However, when I discover a way to get something done efficiently that would generally take a great deal out of me, I just have to share. I want others to be able to get “normal” things done that won’t take up their energy and do them in for the day. We’re talking “Spoon Theory” vs Shaving our legs! Today, I managed to shave my legs from the ankle to the knee. I did not have to struggle through a shower shave. Nor did I have to do a tub scrub afterwards!

First, let’s talk about that wonderful coconut oil! I have been using it for just about everything under the sun for the past year or so. It works brilliantly for someone such as myself with very sensitive skin. I use it for everything from oil pulling to bathing and shaving. The drawback to shaving with coconut oil is that it usually will clog your razor and make a mess of you tub/shower which then requires a scrub down. As someone with a disease of this caliber, I cannot possibly manage to wash and condition my hair, shave my legs and scrub the tub in the same day. Unless, that’s all I’m doing for the day. Like, literally ALL that I am doing. No meals cooked, no laundry done, no toys picked up. Heck, I’d be lucky to make it down the stairs with my 2 year old twins in tow. That just isn’t happening for me.coconut-oil

So, here’s what I did today: I went ahead and did my bathing and all of that good stuff. But, I really wanted to shave my legs. I knew that I simply didn’t have enough energy to manage it. So, I went ahead and finished up my routine with my morning all over coconut oil application. Then, I gathered my razor, a cup of steaming hot water and my towel. I lay down on my bed to rest a few moments and then began to shave my legs, on the bed, using the hot water to swish the razor vigorously to unclog it from the oil/stubble combination. I was able to lie back and rest at will. And although it took a little longer, it did take a lot less energy. I was able to simply lie down and nap directly after finishing up. I woke up rested with silky smooth legs. It was a win for me today.


I know that the average person may not appreciate the seriousness of this post. But, to those who are chronically ill and fatigued, this could be quite helpful. I, personally, struggle with the desire to be a “normal” woman. The kind that always has smooth legs and dinner on the table. Alas, I often have to settle for getting clothes on and making it downstairs before noon. So, anything that will help me to feel normal without expending so much energy that it causes a flare up is, to me, a wonderful thing! God bless all my Sister Spoonies.


Much Love,







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