About Mia’s Galleria

About me…I am human. I’m an aspiring writer. I tend to overthink small things and under think big things and just get things wrong. I attribute this to my intrinsic melancholy personality. Mia’s Galleria is an extension of who I am, featuring thoughts and things that may or may not connect with who you are. I love to read. I fancy myself a writer. I see myself as creative in many ways as I have been blessed with an avid imagination. I love to see old things made new again. Sometimes I re-purpose or up-cycle random things. I’ll share those at some point.I love Antiques. But, I am not really an Antiquarian. I love good wine. But, I am not a connoisseur. I love Art, music and interesting facts. But, I am not an expert on any of these things. I just enjoy what I enjoy. So…

Who am I, really? Am I a person of substance? Am I a good person? Am I a woman that other women would proudly call friend? A good daughter? Sister? Aunt? Niece? Granddaughter? Cousin? More importantly am I a good wife? A good mother? Would any of the answers to these questions really describe who I am? I would like to answer affirmatively to all. Really, though, they are just titles. They don’t really describe my personality. They simply suggest that I might be a relative to some; relative to others. While I am happy to have family and friends, and love them dearly, does that really describe much about me? I think it reflects a small aspect of who I am. But, we humans are complex beings. We are a culmination of our experiential lives. The things we see and feel and do; as well as the lessons we learn, the hope and joy that we experience and the pain that we endure.


3 thoughts on “About Mia’s Galleria

  1. I may be a little bias on this subject but You are a great mother to all our children. As a wife you are awesome , you have loved me through the good times and the bad. If I died tomorrow I could stand before our lord and proclaim that he let me live a great life with the person that was perfect only for me. As for daughter you try to give your mom the best life she can have by letting her live with us, so she does not have the worries of how or where she could live. As a friend as we were before we got married and still are my best friend to this day. You were and still always there for me or any friend that needed your help . My opinion on friends is that a true friend is very hard to find in these times as it seem to me that everyone is looking out for themselves. If everyone would slow down for just one minute and look around to see what they are missing be it time with family, helping out a friend, meeting someone new, just relaxing, or listening for what god is trying to show or tell them. How our world would change just from that 1 minute of looking what is going on around us. Enough of my rambling on you are a gift that God has granted me to have in this life that I praise and thank him for daily. I am so proud of you for going after a dream of yours and know that God will bless you in all that you do in this life. Thank you for loving me as I know I do not make that an easy task and hope you know how much I love and care for you and want all you dreams to be fulfilled.I really look forward to helping you in anyway I can to make your being a writer come true.
    Your #1 Fan Always


  2. Welcome to WordPress. I’m so excited to learn more about you and your upcoming writing projects. Let me know if you ever need any advice about writing, publishing, and getting the word out about your work. I’m always here to help!


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