Fine As Apple Wine

Who said it first? I thought it was my Grandpa. But, in checking my facts on the W.W.W., I found at least two other places where the term was used. I truly have never heard anyone but Grandpa, and me say it. Even the elderly people that I used to care for when I worked in nursing homes never recognized it. So, although I don’t know the original author, I Feel like I did.

I do realize that today is St. Patrick’s Day. It should be a day of celebration and fun. A day to be fine as apple wine. But, I’m not fine today. Not even apple wine could make a difference. You see, today is the fourth anniversary of my Brother’s death. It was very sudden and he was very young. I am now 1 year older than my older brother. Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. I always found it to be peripherally interesting. But, it was never really all that relative to me. But, thinking about my Brother today…he was three years older than me. Now I am one year older than him. My thoughts are a bit jumbled today. Really they have been pretty much all week.  It’s strange. I try not to let it effect me. But, I always seem to end up sick in bed this time each year. I literally slept all day yesterday and all night. I woke for two hours and went back to sleep. I woke up with a splitting headache that will just not let go. There must be a name for this sort of thing. Some kind of seasonal or cyclical depression? I don’t know. Hopefully I will sleep okay tonight. Hopefully I will be fine as apple wine tomorrow.

Until then, drink some good whiskey. Maybe a sip of green beer. And enjoy the good times. Slàinteslainte