Catch that Chicken!!!!

Do the laundry and catch that chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem with free range chickens…

Just got an emergency message from my Mom whose room is downstairs. There is chicken walking around and around the house! I fly down the stairs and out to the aviary. Sure enough there are only four hens wandering around in there. Then I see her, on small Aracauna standing behind the aviary foraging away! We’re chicken sitting. I used to have a menagerie of cute little animals. Ducks, Pygmy goats, pigs, rabbits and of course chickens. But, once the twins came to live with us I couldn’t manage my little hobby farm and take care of the boys like they deserve. So, I downsized the farm to a pair of cats and a pair of little elven twins. That was a year and a half ago.

Our dear friends, Barb and Bill have gone on vacation. Their previous chicken sitter (their neighbor) moved away. So, I was lucky enough to get the job. I was excited to have my back yard blessed by the little pecker faces once again! The only problem is, I’m not fenced in. I have a pretty decent sized aviary (20×20) but, to a flock that is accustomed to free ranging all day, it’s just a cage. But, it’s a vacation. Two weeks, not a life time. The thing is, you can’t reason with a chicken. And you also can’t lure a free range chicken with cracked corn. When my chickens escaped in the past, they were confused and eager to receive the customary treat of a trail of chicken feed back to the aviary. They weren’t sure what to do or where to go anyway. But, this chicken of Barb and Bill’s oh, uhn uh! She ain’t about to have that! Catch me if you can! My corn had no effect on her as she scrambled through the brush stopping long enough to let me see her as she’d nibble up some tasty morsel from the ground and take off again. Ever seen the Road Runner? Those are real, you know! I think this chicken might’ve been fertilized with one before she was hatched!

How to ctch a chx

So, after stumbling around the yard, falling on my face and impaling myself on branches and trees, I have decided that I have given it my best shot. I will delegate this job to my 14 year old son when he gets home from school. And if he can’t catch her, I will happily spend the $4.00 to replace her. But, I imagine that she’ll try to get back into the aviary come evening time. That’s how they do at home. So, that was one snippet of my Wednesday afternoon. Hump Day! Ha! Ha! Ha!



Well, that is not what I planned to write about today. But, it’s real life!

Some things to think about as you wrap up this Wednesday. There are so many different facets to one person’s life.


How can we ever truly know a person? Most people don’t even really know themselves. Soon, I would like to write about the different aspects of a person’s life the things that make us different and the ties that bind. Stay tuned.