On writing

Queen Victoria created quite a collection of personal journals. It is believed that she wrote an average of 2500 words daily. I wonder quite often how a person can keep a journal so faithfully. And 2500 words daily? That’s incredible! I’d like to take a peek at those journals just to see what in the world did she have so much to talk about. I know that she was a very important person. Still…EVERY DAY!

If Queen Victoria actually wrote 2500ish pages daily, that throws up a serious challenge to the term “Writer’s Block”. So many writers, even those that are well-known, experience this awful phenomenon. It threatens their careers and their financial stability. It suggests a feeling¬†of being out of control. That is, not being in control of one’s thoughts enough to suss out a coherent thought to scratch down. Being that Her Majesty was able to put pen to paper and churn out over 2000 words each day, I am of the opinion that Writer’s Block does not actually exist. I hypothesize that “Writer’s Block” is actually a form of depression.

Now, let’s not go getting all worked up here. I said that it is my hypothesis. That means that in order to establish my opinion into a fact, I will be doing research on the subject. I will let everyone know what I find. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts. But, please be kind to me as well as to others who take the time to ¬†comment.