Losing Weight, Gaining Control

As many of my readers are aware, I am diabetic. I also have some other health issues that might be easier to live with on a healthier diet. If you are anything like me; and a lot of you are, you have tried every diet under the sun to try to gain control. Unfortunately, I usually feel worse when I’m dieting than any other time. I know the old adage, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” But, I do have a tenacious sweet tooth. Dieting usually just causes me to feel angry and resentful. I have tried low cal, low carb, even diet pills. My most successful dieting experience was an 8 month stint on Weight Watchers. I lost 40lbs. Pretty good, right? But, I got burned out. For me, counting points was just as bad as counting calories. I HATE counting calories! So, eventually I just gave it up. That was 8 years ago. I am back up most of those 40lbs. I get so frustrated with myself!


I have been pretty miserable lately, unable to get my blood sugar under control. I have also been in a lot of pain. So, during one of my afternoons tossing and turning in bed, trying to get some relief, I stumbled across a post by Zero Carb Zen. Their motto is, “Eat meat, drink water.”


I thought it was a bit extreme at first,you know, “Everything in moderation.” But, I’m a junkie, that just doesn’t work for me. So, I thought I’d give Zero Carb a try for one day just to see what affect it had on my physical well being. After reading several interviews with participants, the consensus seems to be that it’s a great way to live. The life is pretty simple. But, more than anything, 3 days in, I have had zero, read ZERO, sweet cravings!  Now, I’m not going to B.S. here. I do have a desire to lose weight. But, more than anything, I want to not feel bad physically. So far, I have not needed to take my Metformin in 3 days. I am, of course, being responsible and faithfully using my Accu-check every day. But, so far, I’ve been right on track! That is exciting news to a diabetic! I know that I am a food junkie, so, I can’t guarantee that I won’t veer from the lifestyle. But, for today, it‘s working for me.


What works for you?